Implant Supported Dentures & Implant Retained Dentures

If you are missing one or more teeth, there are now a variety of tooth replacement options to accommodate your situation. Dentures may still be the most familiar solution, but there are now treatments that are more comfortable and durable than traditional dentures. So if you’re in need of a long-lasting teeth replacement option, or are looking for better fitting braces, you may be a candidate for implant supported or implant retained dentures. 

The addition of dental implants has transformed modern dentures and given people a more permanent, customized option for teeth replacement. At Honest Teeth, Dr. Max Meinerz and Dr. Kyle Krueger are family dentists that offer advanced implant-based dentures to patients from Elm Grove and the surrounding regions. Missing teeth can cause a variety of health issues, so take a look at your options below.


Implant Supported Dentures 

Implant supported dentures rely on dental implants to reinforce the denture and keep it secure over the jaw. The implants lock the denture into place and prevent it from moving or causing discomfort with the prosthetic. Because the implants are bonded with the jaw and gums, they absorb most of the impact while chewing, which maintains the strength and health of the jawbone. 

As these dentures are reliant on the implants, a strong jawbone is necessary, otherwise, the implants cannot be supported. If the jaw cannot maintain the implants, additional surgery may be necessary.

The Benefits  

Implant supported dentures are the most similar prosthetic to natural, healthy teeth and don’t impede any regular mouth functions. Their popularity has grown as they restore a normality to your smile and are designed to be natural-looking. They also provide a number of health benefits, such as:

  • Strengthens chewing and biting. It’s common for edentulous patients to have a weakened bite. Implant supported dentures restore the full chewing ability and function as natural teeth. 
  • Prevents bone degradation. When a tooth is lost, it’s common for the jaw to retreat and the tissue to weaken. Implants retain the impression of a tooth and preserve the jaw. 
  • No soreness or irritation. By attaching the dentures to the implants and not the gum tissue, hybrid dentures do not lead to inflammation or swelling. The implants prevent the dentures from moving and irritating the gum tissue.
  • Simplifies cleaning. As the implants are made of porcelain or ceramic, they can be cleaned like natural teeth. Although regular dental visits are necessary, your daily cleaning habits will not be affected. 


Implant Retained Dentures

Not every patient is an ideal candidate for implant supported dentures, which is why Honest Teeth also provides implant retained dentures. These dentures require far fewer implants and bear a closer resemblance to traditional dentures. For implant retained dentures, the purpose of the implants is to provide an attachment for the removable prosthetic denture. 

These are often suggested for patients with weaker jawbones so that the implants can be placed on areas where the bone is still strong. They are easily removable and eliminate the need for bone grafts or surgery. 

The Benefits

Implant retained dentures use mini implants to fit their dentures and are less invasive as a result. They can be placed with as few as four implants, and still can withstand more pressure than a traditional denture. Other benefits include: 

  • Cost-effective treatment. Fewer implants mean cheaper costs. Bone grafts or other expensive surgery is unnecessary, which also makes it a more affordable solution.
  • Easier modifications. As the denture can be removed or adjusted, it allows the prosthetic to be modified for a more comfortable fit, and to adjust to any wear and tear. 
  • Can be placed on weaker jawbones. As the dentures rest on the gums and not the jaw, healthy bone structure is not vitally important. The implants can be placed on areas where the jaw has not degraded without requiring additional support. 



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