Cosmetic Dentistry in Elm Grove

Age, decay and even staining will wear down a smile over time. At Honest Teeth, we understand the impact a beautiful smile can have on the lives of our patients. Whether it’s teeth whitening before a wedding or veneers before the next job interview cosmetic dentistry has helped countless patients achieve smiles they can truly feel confident in.  At Honest Teeth, patients are encouraged to embrace their personalities and lead more positive lives in smiles they feel their best in. Give us a call at (262) 784-7770 to schedule your appointment for cosmetic dentistry. 


Free Cosmetic Dentistry Consultation! 

Do you want to improve your smile, but don’t know what cosmetic treatment to use? At Honest Teeth, we take the hassle out of searching for the right cosmetic dentistry for your smile. For those hoping to achieve better confidence in an radiant new smile, we welcome our patients to come in for a free consultation for cosmetic dentistry where we’ll discuss the range of options available in our office. 


What is Cosmetic Dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry focuses on correcting imperfections in the smile for a more aesthetically pleasant appearance. By making small adjustments to the size, shape and color of the teeth, patients can achieve radiant new smiles. With services ranging from professional teeth whitening to porcelain veneers and invisalign, patients are encouraged to discuss their options with Dr. Meinerz, their cosmetic dentist in Elm Grove

In-Chair Teeth Whitening And Custom At-Home Whitening Trays At Honest Teeth! 

Smiles may fade, but your confidence shouldn’t! When you make your appointment for professional teeth whitening at Honest Teeth, the process is simple and the results are gratifying. Unlike drugstore teeth whitening that can leave you with sensitive teeth or unbalanced results,  our teeth whitening system is known as the most effective way to whiten your teeth and is designed to reduce or prevent tooth sensitivity. We’re proud to offer professional teeth in Elm Grove to support your most confident smile!  


Embrace Your Smile With Dental Veneers

Are you looking to fix a nagging dental imperfection? Porcelain or composite resin veneers are highly versatile solutions for restoring teeth that have been stained, chipped, or are crooked or misshapen. By filling gaps or adjusting the size or shade of each tooth, veneers create revolutionary results that look and feel natural. Dental veneers are made of thin, tooth-colored shells that fit over the surface of the tooth or teeth to enhance a smile’s natural beauty. Whether restoring signs of aging or removing stains from a few too many coffees and shakes, veneers are a popular choice in modern cosmetic dentistry.


Invisalign For a Straightened Smile

Crooked teeth and gaps between the teeth not only cause some patients to feel self conscious but can impede a good quality of oral health. By correcting the shape of the smile and supporting a better bite alignment, patients experience a healthier looking smile that is strong and functional. Unlike metal braces, invisalign uses clear aligners that fit easily over the teeth. These trays are comfortably discrete and can be removed before enjoying a meal or brushing the teeth.


Cosmetic Dentistry in Elm Grove

It doesn’t have to be your wedding day for you to desire a more confident smile. By making small changes to the shape, shade or even size of your teeth, Dr. Meinerz looks forward to revealing the smile you’ve always wanted. If  you have questions about our teeth whitening process or want to know if veneers are right for you, give us a call at (262) 784-7770 to schedule your consultation.