On April 7th, we celebrate World Health Day. Since its inception in 1950, the day has been used to create awareness and draw attention to specific issues that affect global health. At Honest Teeth, we feel honored to be a part of your healthcare routine.

Keeping your teeth and gums healthy is important when it comes to your overall health- your mouth is a small part of your body, but if you don’t take good care of it, the issues that come up can have lasting effects on the rest of your health and can negatively impact your daily life. Here are a few ways that your mouth can influence the rest of your body:

Dental Issues Are Disruptive

If dental health problems are left untreated, they can become bigger, more painful problems. Though small cavities don’t seem like a huge issue, they will always progress into more serious conditions if given enough time. Common dental health issues, such as cavities and periodontal disease, can affect your entire life if they reach a certain stage. The pain and/or aesthetic issues they create will continue to increase in severity until they are addressed with professional dental care. If you notice any issues, or if you would like to avoid them entirely with preventive care, call us today to book your appointment!

Your Mouth is an Entryway Into Your Bloodstream

Bacteria from your mouth normally don't enter your bloodstream. However, if your mouth’s normal defenses are compromised by gum disease or medications that reduce saliva flow, these bacteria can enter your bloodstream and cause damage in other parts of your body. This is why it’s important to keep bacteria and plaque out of your mouth through preventive care and regular cleanings. A healthy mouth helps keep the rest of your body strong.

Teeth & Gums Give Insights Into Systemic Health

Your mouth is a window into what's going on in the rest of your body, and the state of your dental health can be an indicator of issues affecting other areas. This is why routine oral exams are so important. Signs of systemic health issues often display in your teeth and gums, and if a dentist catches these signs early, this will help you achieve the best possible outcome for your dental and overall health. Routine visits with your dentist help keep your overall health on track.

Book Your Next Visit for Total Health

At Honest Teeth, we don’t just address one issue. Our team cares about more than just your smile, and that’s why we treat the root cause of any dental health issues and ensure that your whole body is healthy. Our preventive treatments like fluoride and sealants keep you on track for optimal dental health and our restorative solutions repair damage to keep you out of harm’s way. Call our team to book your next visit or discuss your oral health. You can reach us at (262) 784-7770, or stop by our office at 15255 Watertown Plank Road, Suite 100, Elm Grove, WI 53122.