Preventive Dentistry Tips From Your Dentist in 53122

Have you ever had a cavity? 
Were you a kid or an adult when it happened, or both? 

We are all vulnerable to cavities, from the moment we develop teeth as babies to when we are much older with babies and grandbabies of our own! What we know about cavities, though, may be dated or even inaccurate. There are some myths about cavities sneaking around your smile! 

Myth or Fact? Only sugar causes cavities.

Fact: Cavities are formed through a combination of bacteria and acid that attacks your teeth. Dessert, soda, and candy definitely contribute to cavities, but foods dense in carbohydrates, like potatoes, rice, pastas, and breads, also trigger the production of bacteria that attacks the enamel.  

Once sugar lingers on your teeth for a period of time, the plaque turns to acid, and the acid eventually eats a hole through your tooth. Eek! Limit the amount of sugars and carbs, and if you do consume them every once in awhile, make sure to brush your teeth immediately after or drink water to wash away bacteria. 

Myth or Fact? All cavities hurt. 

Myth: Once you feel pain from a cavity, it’s because tooth decay has already reached the nerve. However, mild tooth decay does not develop with symptoms, and in general, decay does not hurt! 

The longer tooth decay progresses, the more it will hurt (including your wallet if you’re not taking care of it!). Little dental issues that are ignored become bigger, more complicated and costly to repair. Keep your regularly scheduled dental cleanings and go, go, go to them! 

Your dentist will remove the excess bacteria that contributes to decay and cavities that your toothbrush and floss cannot eliminate on their own. 

Myth or Fact? Babies who are starting to grow teeth cannot get cavities. 

Myth: Again, we are all vulnerable to cavities! Enamel is enamel at any age, and must be protected. Children who consume sugary drinks (like milk in their bottle at bedtime) and foods, or who are not exposed to enough fluoride, are at risk for developing cavities. Make sure to restrict your child’s access to sugary foods and drinks, and encourage good dental hygiene at home.. 

Myth or Fact? Fillings needs to be replaced at least once in the course of your lifetime. 

Fact: All fillings, like our teeth, have a life expectancy that hinges upon our personal care. Excessive wear and tear (like using our teeth as tools to open packages) or poor oral hygiene (eating sugary foods, skipping out on floss and professional cleanings) will reduce the time.

The good news is that once a cavity if filled, the decay is removed and will stay removed! 

Myth or Fact: Sensitive Teeth Show Symptoms Cavities 

Fact: You might just have sensitive teeth, and that’s all that means! Or, you might have receding gums that are exposing your tooth roots, increasing your tooth sensitivity. You may also have a cracked tooth or need a root canal. 

While tooth decay can lead to having sensitive teeth, it is not the sole reason. No matter what the final reason may be, if you are feeling any pain, you should definitely visit your local family dentist. 

Preventive Dentistry in Elm Grove

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