We make choices everyday to choose healthier foods, watch calories and maybe sneak in a workout at the gym. But who has time to keep up with a good diet for your teeth? The truth is, eating healthy for your smile is pretty simple, but is often overlooked. If you want to find easy ways to improve your dental health at home, introduce some of these teeth-healthy foods into your diet and experience a healthier, stronger smile!

5 Best Foods For Healthier Teeth

Feeling the midday urge to snack? Before you grab a Snickers or curb your appetite with a hot mocha coffee, consider how the following foods may benefit your smile:

  1. Dairy: Is milk good for your teeth? Absolutely! Jam-packed with enamel-healthy calcium and protein, milk is a great source of fuel for your teeth. Cheese and yogurt serve as teeth-healthy snacks, balancing the acidity levels in the mouth to fight off cavities, bacteria and tooth decay. The probiotics found in yogurt also fend off cavities to keep your smile feeling strong and healthy. 
  2. Fruits & Vegetables: Want another reason to eat more fruits and veggies? Apples are nature’s tooth scrubber, “brushing” away germs and plaque. When paired with carrots and celery, this midday snack triggers healthy saliva production and contains vitamins A and C to give your immune system a boost. 
  3. Leafy Greens: There’s more to a salad than a side dish! Leafy greens like kale and spinach are rich in teeth-healthy calcium and folic acid. Place them in a salad or blend them in a smoothie! 
  4. Almonds & Tofu: Nuts, almonds and soybeans are high in calcium and protein to support healthy tooth enamel and are naturally low in sugar! When added to your trail mix or made into milk or tofu, nuts are high in fiber and nutrients to support your smile and entire body. 
  5. Meats & Seafood: Have a taste for salmon or a tender sirloin? Now you can enjoy these foods to their full potential knowing they’re good for your teeth! Meats, seafood and even citrus fruits contain phosphorous, a mineral that calcium needs to be properly absorbed into the body to support healthier bones and teeth. 

Snacking For Your Smile

At Honest Teeth, we enjoy finding new ways to show our patients the positive impact of preventive dentistry. Brushing, flossing and even eating right can have a significant impact on reducing risks for tooth decay, cavities and gum disease and promoting better oral health. 

Your Family Dentist in Elm Grove

As your local dentist in Elm Grove, it’s important to us that every experience at the dentist is positive, comfortable, and leaves you feeling confident in your smile. By taking a look into healthy foods for your smile, we show our patients easy ways to improve their oral health and feel in control of their dental health. Do you have a question for your dentist near you? Give us a call at (262) 784-7770 to speak with our team or schedule your six month appointment