Digital Radiography in Elm Grove

Digital radiography is one of the latest advances in x-ray technology. At Honest Teeth, Dr. Max Meinerz and Dr. Kyle Krueger use the best digital x-ray technology to help patients enjoy a better level of oral health, reduce wait times, and more.

Curious about what digital radiography can do for you? Learn more about the process of digital x-rays and their benefits.


Understanding Digital Radiography – What’s the Difference?

Digital radiography uses x-rays, just like a traditional radiography device does. The primary difference is in how these x-rays are stored and processed. In essence, you can think of the difference between film and digital x-rays in the same way that you think about the difference between film cameras and digital cameras.

In a traditional x-ray device, photographic film is used. This film is much like any traditional film that is used in a camera, and it is exposed directly to the x-rays in order to view the health of your gums, jawbone, teeth and more.

In contrast, a digital radiography system captures x-rays using an advanced digital imaging system, much like a digital camera. This allows the x-ray to be quickly viewed and analyzed, without having to wait for the film to develop. It also offers more detailed imaging, leading to better diagnosis and treatment. Our doctors can quickly view your x-rays and show you the problems, allowing you to have a better perspective of your oral health and treatment plan.

Benefits of Digital Radiography

Why might digital x-rays be better? Here are just a few benefits!

  • Lower radiation exposure Digital x-rays can reduce the exposure of patients to radiation by up to 85%. This is because redos are less common, and digital radiographs use high-tech sensors that are extremely sensitive and accurate.

  • Enhanced clarity and comprehensive imaging – Most digital x-rays provide better imaging results than film-based x-rays. Digital filters can be applied for noise reduction (making a clearer image) and to pinpoint specific oral health issues.

  • Faster results and lower waiting times – Because there is no time spent developing individual film exposures, patients do not have to wait for as long in the dentist’s chair or in the waiting room! Images are taken and can be shown on-screen instantly.

  • Environmentally friendly – Digital radiography does not use any chemical developing agents that could be harmful to the environment. In addition, because physical film is not used, it has a much lower environmental footprint.

See the Benefits of Digital Radiography for Yourself at Honest Teeth!

At Honest Teeth, we use the most advanced digital technology to provide our patients with the very best level of care. Dr. Max Meinerz and Dr. Kyle Krueger are dedicated to preventive and comprehensive dentistry in Elm Grove and would love to help you understand your oral health and how to improve it. Contact us today at (262) 784-7770, or visit us in-person at 15255 Watertown Plank Rd., Ste. 100, Elm Grove, WI 53122.